Moving Brands is defined by its people. To truly see the world – and the change it needs most – we must first see each other. That’s why the diversity and development of our team is critical to our ability to deliver impactful design.

We work with a broad range of talents and capabilities. Across any discipline, the values we celebrate and promote are curiosity, purpose, rigour and kindness.

A photomontage showing life at Moving Brands. Top left, the team discusses posters on a wall, top right, staff sit together on a sunny lawn, bottom left, the outside of the London studio, bottom right, a workshop in action.


Moving Brands is a community of colleagues, partners, alumni and friends, all empowered and encouraged to share different ideas, views and experiences. Equity, inclusion and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

We collaborate as one studio globally with cross-disciplinary teams working together to seek simplicity in complexity, bring design to life with emotion and find joy in moments of creation.


We are in a ‘human race against time’ to meet the many challenges we face as people and as a planet. To achieve this, we have pioneered a new approach to design called ‘Living Design’. It combines three design practices: human-centred design, commercial design and regenerative design.

Living Design is about asking the right questions and designing decisions based on the right criteria, it is about working with businesses that provide scale and commercial muscle, and it is about inspiring people to change their behaviour and demand a better future.