A group of smiling children in Guide uniforms with the words

A story of transformational impact

After partnering to strategically review and define the movement’s purpose and value proposition, we began work on a new brand system that would better reflect the breadth and energy of the girls’ groups they existed to support.

Working with volunteers and leaders worldwide, we encapsulated their essence and role in a new brand story, which captures the transformational impact Guiding & Scouting has on everything a girl defines as ‘her world’.

A mock-up of a in branded WAGGGS website.
Branded WAGGGS badges and patches.

Bringing the brand to life

The colour palette was refreshed and augmented to reflect the youthful exuberance of the girls who make up the core of the movement. A series of patterns — built using elements of the trefoil — were developed to enable the identity to be adapted and expressed differently in different regions. A bold typographic approach, together with a series of simple illustrations, helps to tell stories of the journeys girls take through the movement and beyond.

A black and white WAGGGS brochure on a yellow background.
A group of children are writing on a large piece of paper, saying why they love going to Brownies.

Flexible design for a diverse world

The identity needed to be equally at home in sub-Saharan Africa as in the digital world. A flexible system ensures that no matter the constraints on production, the visual identity will always be fit for purpose.

A branded yellow tote bag and name tag.
A branded pin badge and patch starter pack.

Modern, energetic and enduring

The result is a bold, youthful brand that reflects the movement’s enduring role in creating connected generations of girls with the skills and attitude to transform their communities and the world.

A magazine spread with a picture of a girl guide, with the title