A large red billboard on a building that says: 'All facts. No fluff.

Smashing industry perceptions

Setting out to smash industry preconceptions, we created the story of a brand that continuously questions and pushes the boundaries in a sector that is slow to change. Our work expresses their unique combination of skills – from developers to veterinarians to medical researchers – and the way they bring them together.

A blue billboard that says

Fusing data and design

The identity centres on a logo that demonstrates Anivive’s ability to recognise patterns in data, making meaningful connections through research and development. By designing in motion, we created unique behaviours that inform a rich language of pattern and illustration, conveying the critical relationship between science, technology and pets.

Digital layouts showing the brand in action.

A standout brand

The new identity had an immediate impact, giving the business a unique, recognisable presence in a crowded industry, while its flexibility supports their ambitions to bring additional products and services to market.

Business cards featuring the brand.
Logos and app icons.
Two mobile devices showing app mock-ups.

An immersive digital experience

Building on this, Anivive asked us to extend the brand into the digital space. We designed an engaging and immersive digital experience that clarifies complexity, invites exploration and reflects their position as a pioneer of breakthrough veterinary medicine.

Mobile layouts showing the brand.