A film to embody the lyrics

We began with the lyrics of ‘Machine Stop’, which speak of confused vision and lack of sight: “Is it you?/Is it me?/Everywhere I look but I just can’t see”. The band members, along with renowned choreographer and performer Jean Abreu appear in the film, embodying the lyrics as powerful, mechanistic, data silhouettes.

Hardware and software by Moving Brands

“Try and get control of yourself,” says the lyric – and our approach was to create a work where the fans were in charge. We shot in 3D, using our own purpose-built hardware (for instance, we made a caddy to hold the Kinect cameras steady) and customised software (to make a ‘depth map’ and convert data into a 3D space).

The interactive web experience we created allows fans to manipulate the ‘characters’, alter angles and depth, and control the colour balance of the monochromatic film.