A series of G-P branded quarterly customer reports. The middle one is titled:

Expressing globality

Working closely with the senior G-P team, we explored how this idea of boundlessness could be tied in with the cornerstone of the business – people. We expanded the colour palette – building on three primary colours expressing sea, sky and land – and developed the image library, defining new ways to convey a global outreach using ownable illustration styles that feel optimistic.

The words transformative, universal and partners in white boxes on a multicoloured background dominated by blues and greens.
A billboard featuring two smiling people talking that says

A storytelling logo

The new logo features these new ‘earth’ colours and uses the 24 hour time zones to represent the globe. As an expression of communication and connection, motion sees the gradient and three interacting circles sequenced according to the movement of an inner circle appearing from east to west – a nod to the path of the sun around the world.

A beanie hat with the G-P brand and a mock-up of a branded reception area.

Custom typeface and sonic branding

Further building on this re-energised brand personality, we created a custom typeface and sonic branding for G-P’s new animated logo, providing strategic guidance on future sound design.

Two tablets with mock-up G-P web pages and a branded tote bag that says
Cards in multiple languages saying
A group of people smiling in front of a colourful background, suggesting a diverse workforce.
Portraits by Joel Arbaje

Securing market dominance

In the year since the rebrand, customer acquisition increased 2.5 times, and G-P has cemented their position as the global employment platform market leader with approximately $1 billion in annual recurring revenue and 98 percent customer satisfaction ratings.

Portraits by Joel Arbaje
Mock-up airport billboards advertising G-P.
‘Moving Brands did an incredible job creating a vibrant and optimistic new brand identity which embodies the innovation that G-P is bringing to the market to empower the global workforce, and break down barriers for everyone everywhere.’
Nicole Sahin
CEO and executive chair, G-P