Unifying a complex brand

But with such a broad offering, the brand they came to us with had become complex and inconsistent. So, our first task was to partner with them to define and create a coherent and agile ‘one Swisscom’, building their new identity around the concept of life coming together around one axis.

Emotional connection

Through this transformation, we helped Swisscom evolve from an established brand into a loved one that would engage with customers on a deeper emotional level while conveying their pride in their Swiss heritage.

And so began our long-standing relationship – a relationship that has seen us holistically shape and develop the brand, their communications and their many touchpoints, keeping the brand dynamic and relevant.

Redefining the customer experience

One of many projects we led for Swisscom was to oversee their complex transformation into a digital-first brand. Over two years, our team created a meticulous and granular design system that unified their digital platforms and helped to redefine their customer experience. Our work has resulted in a seamless, intuitive, and user-centred digital experience that is unmistakably Swisscom.

A global powerhouse

And today? In 2023, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance declared Swisscom the strongest brand in Europe and the third strongest globally, behind only Google and YouTube. We’re pretty happy with that.

‘With the SDX assets and code Moving Brands gave us, what would have taken 6 months to develop now takes six weeks’
Olaf Geuer
Head of Brand and Strategy, Swisscom