Bringing Transformation to life

We developed an ownable visual system—creating a sub-brand rooted in the Microsoft parent brand while showcasing the individuality of Microsoft Advertising.

We anchored the visual identity to a three-piece graphic shape made of expanding sequential forms that reflected transformation—the amplification of advertising, growth and endless possibilities. While keeping the four-color Microsoft logo and typeface, we designed a non-centralized color system based on the Microsoft palette, enhanced with textures and unconventional hues.

Creating a buzz

To support the brand launch at Cannes, we produced a film and ads for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. In two weeks, the campaign saw over 6 million impressions in the US and UK.

‘From the beginning to the end, Moving Brands demonstrated excellence in their work. They not only delivered on time, but the way they worked with us was outstanding throughout the process. Moving Brands' expertise, creativity, and dedication were instrumental in helping us successfully meet our objectives.’
Richard Oliver
Senior Brand Strategy Lead, Microsoft Advertising
‘Moving Brands was the partner every Creative Director wants but rarely gets. You can be world class creatives but if you don’t listen to and truly understand your clients you waste valuable time and money. And we had neither to spare! The timeline was tight and the needs complex. This was a true collaboration in every sense of the word. I loved the fresh perspective and creativity the team brought to the project. They worked well under pressure, took feedback graciously and executed beautifully.’
Alison Farmer
Head of Brand Studio/Creative Director, Microsoft Advertising