A refreshed brand for a refreshed strategy

When OneWeb shifted their business strategy to focus on the commercial benefits of providing continuous connectivity across land, sea and air, they engaged Moving Brands to relaunch the brand. Our task was to communicate to all its audiences OneWeb’s mission to help bring prosperity, education, health, safety and entertainment wherever people are.

Enabling people to reach their full potential

People can only realise their full potential when barriers to accessing information are removed. This belief is what drives the OneWeb brand, conveying their optimism and conviction that their technology will enable enlightenment.

Celebrating this spirit, the logo encompasses togetherness and the total reach of OneWeb across continents, oceans and skies. It expresses equal global access to information, with a colour palette inspired by the universality of sunrises and the potential that each new day brings.

‘Our new brand expresses our vision to make access possible everywhere for everyone. The circle spirals all the elements together, working in harmony towards the greater good.’
Heidi Dillard
Chief Human Resource Officer