Enhancing the visitor experience

We worked with SY Partners — whose role included the experience design of the space — to support their development of interaction and spatial design. They wanted our ideas about how technology can support and enhance the visitor experience while remaining sensitive to the beautiful environment. We were also asked to explore the potential of interactivity and digital experiences.

Digital, interactive and physical prototypes

We made digital, interactive and physical prototypes to explore, develop and share ideas between the client in Tokyo, the agency partners in New York and the Moving Brands teams in San Francisco and London. Instead of presentations, all teams came together for a ‘summit workshop’, where we used ‘workbooks’ to show the progress of the prototypes.

Mindful space innovations

Within three weeks, we created a shortlist of ideas covering furniture, fixings and elements of interior design, interactive surfaces and objects. We also developed VR experience ideas — including customised headsets and environments — as well as prototyping software for web, app, interactive surfaces and environmental aspects of the space.

Our work specifically supported the invisible, or minimally intrusive, use of technology, creating an atmosphere of calm and reinforcing the client’s focus on mindfulness.

Team GB chose AoyamaTreehouse as their base for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, with BOA CEO, Andy Anson describing it as “a wonderful venue”.