The old XBTO logo on the left and the new logo on the right.

Defining the leader of an explosive category

Our process started with a deep dive into the business, its ambitions and opportunities. Through a definition workshop and multiple interviews with XBTO team members and key partners, we defined a core proposition. The goal was to express their unique capabilities of extensive trading experience and deep knowledge of blockchain technology.

The proposition was expressed through messaging that helped underline XBTO’s credibility in this rapidly evolving category. It reassures partners as diverse as exchanges, ICO consortiums, hedge fund managers, institutional investors and CEOs that the company has the capabilities they seek.

The new logo on two business cards.

A brand identity as alive as the markets they make

The living brand identity was designed to express a combination of stability and innovation. A strong, clear symbol conveys trust, stability and reassurance — important themes at the heart of the business. It confers credibility to the nascent cryptofinance category. This perception being equally valuable to establish in the minds of partners and the public alike.

A rich living identity system was designed to move and respond to real data, reflecting the real-time qualities of market behaviour. This was underpinned by graphic textures that echo the structure of the logo, depicting the systematic, algorithmic nature of XBTO’s solutions.

The new XBTO brand on a corporate report.
The brand in action when presenting data.

Hitting the street with purpose

The new brand was designed to inspire a wide range of communications and digital experiences. To support its growth, we developed a suite of assets and tools, including sales presentation templates, business cards and a ground-up new website experience.

As cryptofinance and XBTO continue to grow, the brand grows with them. Our partners are able to underline their authority and experience with clarity and ease which in turn creates confidence when welcoming new and seasoned investors into cryptofinance.

The new XBTO brand shown in a presentation.