Multiple images and drawings showing how the exploratory and conceptual brand work developed.

Close collaboration 

We worked closely with their senior team to articulate and reflect their paradigm-shifting vision, strategically positioning the brand as disruptive and rebellious yet accessible.

A living texture for a living brand

Ever mindful of their target audience of professional traders, we built a brand to reflect axo’s principles of delivering a fluid, frictionless and transparent experience. At its centre is the concept of an adaptive living texture, which represents the ever-changing axo markets and traders.

How the new brand would look on an Apple watch and a desktop screen showing the crypto markets.
How the axo homepage could look on a computer screen, with its fluid and vibrant new brand featuring a range of blues, reds and purples
How the new axo brand could look on a mobile device.

Expressing sophistication

In a nod to the platform’s technical sophistication, the central ‘x’ in the axo logotype is based on a lambda symbol used in linear algebra, a core component of its coding.

A close-up of the x in axo appearing as an app icon.
Several examples of activations of the new brand expression on social media.