Three different stages of the Armilar logo showing how it was inspired by an old-fashioned armillary sphere.
A sphere illustrating the relationship between Armilar, investors and entrepreneurs.

A story of exploration

As their name suggests, at the heart of their story is the armillary sphere – an ancient astronomical instrument. This object plays to their proud Portuguese heritage, as well as the notions of exploration, multiculturalism, the advancement of knowledge and new frontiers.

Graphic language, inspired by our logo and an armillary sphere, that communicates how Armilar works by connecting, aligning and amplifying.
The Armilar logo animated.

Rooted in trust

It quickly became clear Armilar builds enduring partnerships grounded in trust, integrity and reliability. They have earned a reputation for diligence, dedication and vision – all underpinned by their experience and track record.

Strong strategic foundations

Almost all the investment team are former scientists or engineers, giving them unique insight into the new technologies that can push the boundaries of human progress. To articulate these qualities and Armilar’s role in the world, we worked hand in hand with the senior team to craft a compelling brand manifesto, purpose and promise: “Together, we transform brilliant ideas into game-changing businesses​.”

Though we experimented with the logo, Armilar’s preference was always to stick with the armillary sphere — but make it much more stylised and introduce the idea of movement.

The new brand font spelling out the words
A street with three graphic Armilar posters pasted on the wall. The middle poster features a woman working and the title “Push the boundaries of human progress”.

An expressive brand

We integrated motion into various visual elements, such as 3D rotating rings that act as a recognisable abstraction of the armillary sphere, symbolising Armilar’s ability to balance partners and investors in ever-changing environments. This captivating brand expression can be applied in many creative ways.

To complement the logo, we created a new colour palette, fonts, icons and symbology, and showed how the brand could work at key touchpoints. The result is a brand identity that positions Armilar as a dynamic and dependable venture capital firm ready to expand its horizons.

Various examples of the new Armilar brand identity in action.
‘Working with Moving Brands was a great experience for us. We really appreciated their effort to get to know us well, their creativity and artwork, and especially the collaborative spirit of the whole process. We’re really proud of our brand new brand.’
Pedro Ribeiro Santos
Partner, Armilar