Putting story at the heart of brand

The Asana team had already been at work, exploring what made them ‘them’. They recognised a need for an objective, expert partner to help them refine, define and prioritise their ideas, so we joined their internal team to push the project forward. Firstly, we developed a brand narrative: “Do great things together”. This would serve as the anchor for the redesign, the product launch and everyday business decisions.


A springboard for creativity

The brand story’s theme of the power of teamwork became the springboard for everything from typeface to colour palette.  Re-engineering their old symbol, we retained Asana’s inimitable three dots but placed them in a huddle to signify collaboration, using bright gradients to represent the energy of teamwork. The dots also serve to form an abstract ‘A’ in the mark that symbolises the limitless potential of people working together.

Logo details

Work that changes the world

As close partners with the design team, we delivered an identity that simply and powerfully conveys what lies at the brand’s core — a belief that Asana enables and empowers people to do work that changes the world.

Asana frontdesk
Business cards