An elevating brand story

We partnered to define and create a fresh brand story, look and feel that reflects their unique personality and standing, repositioning and elevating them as customer-centric partners for the entire security journey.

Ilma the llama takes centre stage

Identifying a genuine warmth, quirkiness and edge to Vanta, we focused on bringing relevance, expression and intent to their existing mascot and put Ilma the llama at the heart of the new brand. To convey Vanta’s vitality and playfulness, we built a more vibrant colour palette and components, while our type choices, a combination of formal sans serif and expressive serif, reflected their voice in the industry.

A standout personality 

Ultimately, by clashing the seemingly random and absurd with the corporate world of cloud security, Ilma acts as an appealing and refreshing antidote in a buttoned-up industry. And that self-confidence and personality now set Vanta apart as the most industry-trusted and human-focused security and compliance partner.

‘Vanta was founded with the mission to secure the internet and protect consumer data. On the product side, we do this by building security products that are accessible enough for small, innovative startups but powerful enough to scale with seasoned security orgs. We wanted to create a brand that exhibited this same flexibility and also clearly conveyed Vanta's industry leadership. Moving Brands worked with us to understand our product, personality (expert but with a wink), and vision to create a brand system that is truly unique to Vanta and one that will continue serving us in years to come.’
Christina Cacioppo

CEO and Co-founder of Vanta