Different mobile devices featuring the eir wordmark and new brand expression.
Three versions of the eir wordmark logo with text explaining its flowing, ascending design.

Signifying a new promise to customers

The rebrand offered a unique and timely opportunity to transform the business in their audience’s hearts and minds. The result is a confident, unified brand that reflects the organisation’s evolution, ambitions and dynamism.

A huge branded billboard on a building that features a scene from the Pixar animated film 'Up' and the words
A beautiful lake surrounded by trees and mountains—a typically picturesque scene from rural Ireland. The title says:

A fresh optimism

We successfully proposed a new name, ‘eir’, which reflects their essential contribution to Irish life while conveying a sense of lightness and new optimism – a feeling reinforced by a new logo that captures the properties of air. To communicate this newfound energy, we created a teaser campaign, ‘Live life on eir’, an uplifting invitation to their customers – and the nation.

A mock-up of a branded billboard displaying a potential collaboration with Samsung and its Galaxy S21.
The letters e and k and the number 8, used to illustrate the

Bringing the story to life in film

We also partnered to create a film to re-establish eir’s place in the life of Ireland. The five-day shoot, with an intergenerational crew of 30 and turnaround of only three weeks, set in the cityscapes of Dublin and the countryside of County Wicklow, expressed the spirit of the brand story ‘Essential to Ireland. Essential to life’.

The sense that eir is woven into the fabric of the nation and the lives of its people is conveyed through rural images (traditional Irish music, a farmers’ market) and urban shots of industry and business.

The bold colour palette conveys energy and confidence.
A van with the eir brand logo on the side.
‘Our new visual identity system is a key driver in changing our brand perception to become a leading, innovative brand. The concept supports our new strategy and philosophy and delivers it in a fresh and vivid way.’
Nikita Morozov
Head of Design