Creating a BBC News app experience to promote habitual use

We collaborated with the Product and Engineering teams to create a news app experience that feels rich, engaging, and dynamic. The sprints produced a design system that offers efficiency when scaling the design and flexibility to adjust the experience for different users.

‘Beeb’ — a distinctive identity fit for a multi-modal product

As part of our ongoing creative partnership with the BBC, we worked with its Voice & UI team, Marketing & Audience and UX&D teams to design a brand identity for ‘Beeb’ — the world’s first ever public service AI assistant. Our task was to develop a visual and non-visual identity fit for a multi-modal product, which brings to life Beeb’s persona in ways that are distinctive, memorable and unmistakably BBC.

Window on the Weather — refining and making a new, all-channel concept for BBC Weather

Woven into the UK’s cultural fabric, nothing deserves the term ‘national institution’ more than BBC Weather. In 2017, the service was in the process of switching to a new data provider, presenting the opportunity to update its look and feel, which had last been refreshed in 2005.

Creating a signature brand and product experience for a new audio offer 

BBC Sounds needed to extend their identity to be more versatile and responsive to the huge variety of their audio content. We created a versatile, scaleable graphic language where each show could have its own unique expression and character inspired by hand-drawn paint strokes and mark-making.

A brand for BBC iPlayer’s boisterous little cousin

Together with the BBC iPlayer and BBC Children’s teams, we brought boisterous life to BBC iPlayer Kids – a new addition to the BBC’s family of internet streaming, catch-up, television and radio services. Taking our digital-first approach to branding, we helped create a safe space that parents could trust, but 5 – 9 year olds would be drawn to. On the way, we added some personality-packed, multi-sensorial magic.

Helping BBC R&D become more visible and better understood

BBC R&D had a challenge with its perception. They are internationally recognised as some of the best engineers and inventors in their field, but were not well known by others in the media sector, or even within the BBC.

The new brand uses data cards as visual codes which describe and celebrate the projects, people and places that make up BBC R&D. The modular, generative system creates distinctive visuals that help viewers understand and navigate BBC research across digital and physical applications.

A futuristic version of a cup.

Bringing new technology to life with future artefacts

Together with the R&D team, we conducted a three-week design sprint to create future mundane objects to support innovation storytelling to the BBC leadership.

Exploring a mobile-first BBC Homepage

We collaborated with the design, editorial and technical teams to increase the total reach of the BBC Homepage by transforming it into a distinctive, mobile-first, daily destination.

‘Moving Brands is our critical best friend.’
Colin Burns
formerly Chief Design Officer at BBC