A storytelling solution

Rooted in the story ‘The home experience, redefined’, our strategy was to highlight their creative approach to challenging the status quo, establishing three storytelling pillars:

1. The paradigm-shifting product
With a focus on cost, space and service, the user-centric Veev Home Experience presents a compelling departure from the industry mainstream.

2. Home-as-product philosophy
Every square inch of a Veev living space is designed, built, and serviced to delight — whether it’s move-in day or maintenance day.

3. Vertically integrated process
Veev optimises every stage of the home experience design process, from acquisition and architecture to assembly and operation.

A captivating user journey

We created a dynamic and immersive web experience by highlighting the unique moments of Veev’s process and focusing on the human touchpoints of their product.

Welcoming & accessible

From the custom typeface and typographic hierarchy to the friendly colour palette and warm imagery, the messaging and spacious look and feel reflect the joy and well-being aspects which every home should have.

Creative & original

We highlighted their holistic and user-centric approach in every detail. From simple animated icons to web element interactions to page transitions, we ensured the journey would be unique, refreshing and memorable, letting users feel in control.

Drawing inspiration from our logo’s expressive design, we created a line graphic which pairs well with typography, photography and iconography to convey a sense of movement and energy.

Purposeful & meticulous

Illustrating the sophistication behind Veev’s products was key. We brought it to life through imagery and CGI showing how they’re designed and assembled, as well as candid moments of people at Veev homes.