Rebuilding a fragmented brand

With thousands of franchise owners and employees, 
the brand had become fragmented and diluted, with franchise owners interpreting for themselves what Virgin meant to them. They asked Moving Brands to help define a clear brand strategy, story, values and purpose that would strengthen their brand, unite franchises and stand the test of time.

Uncovering a single, shared truth

We were asked to define Virgin’s brand purpose with a simple clarity that would strengthen its brand, unite franchises and stand the test of time. We spoke to over 150 of Virgin’s global employees to uncover a common truth that would communicate Virgin’s willingness to approach each business from a new angle, its dedication to their customers and their commitment to have an ongoing positive impact.

Defining ‘The Virgin Way’

From our research, we created ‘The Virgin Way’ which set out their brand purpose and what it meant for their people, products, and partners.
To create the brand promise, we refined and refined until we had the nine magic words that captured the very essence of The Virgin Way: “Don’t just play the game, change it for good”.

An evolving brand

The Virgin Way has since emerged in different forms, including ‘Virgin by design’ – a publication and communications campaign celebrating 50 years of daring innovation and creativity at Virgin, presenting the stories, the people and the work that went into building and shaping a globally respected brand.