Connecting with new customers

We identified new codes of luxury, creating and reimagining core elements – like the wordmark, monogram and colour – and re-energising the brand to speak to a new wave of fashion-conscious customers.

An iconic monogram to unite two brands

The introduction of a monogram unites these two heritage brands – Topshop and Topman, communicating the story as they intertwine, connecting as one.

This co-logo honours the Topshop collaborative spirit, welcoming all genders and expressions. A new colour inspired by the signage used within stores reflects bold thinking and the rebellious nature of the brand.

Expanding the in-store experience into the digital

Our fresh art direction ensures an evident London accent throughout our work, creating the bold and free spirit of an editorial platform. Rich digital experiences build on the strategic foundation while looking to replicate the IRL experiences of the store that made the brand so unique.

The new brand expression and identity system has been precision-engineered to recreate the emotional experience of being in the space that this iconic brand once defined – and can now command again.