A white BrightDrop electric delivery van, with text on the left that says
The primary BrightDrop brand colours: dark blue, light blue, off-white, and cyan.
The Overpass brand font in action.
The iconography style and system that is designed to imbue a sense of flow into the brand expression.

Primed for growth

Full brand guidelines, an in-depth motion toolkit, custom CGI, art direction, product demonstrations, and digital design have set them on a path for continued success. 

Designing the future

We are proud to have been trusted with one of GM’s most innovative ventures as they pioneer the future of transportation.

Enhanced user experiences

To ensure a cohesive and consistent user experience for their website, we designed a component-based UI library, including a comprehensive style kit, customisable components, templates, and motion and interaction patterns. We aimed for efficiency, scalability and adaptability to keep pace as BrightDrop products and offerings continue to evolve.

An extraordinary film for an extraordinary brand

We created a film to tell a vivid story of optimism and possibility in a stop-frame animation that features one sensational uninterrupted shot. Like nothing else in the category, we focused solely on the benefit and human-centric design philosophy BrightDrop brings to the world.

We produced the film in one location, using a recyclable set that minimised our carbon footprint and supported our shared commitment toward a more sustainable future.

Scenes from the animated brand film titled 'Life is a Journey'. Each features characters going about their daily lives, with the theme of 'delivery' running through - from delivering a baby to delivering takeaway food.
‘Unlike most other stories in the EV space that tend to focus on the future, we chose to make a film that captures our sense of optimism about the world we live in today. Of course, our world is not perfect, and there’s lots we all can—and must—do to improve it. That’s exactly why BrightDrop is here—to help decarbonize last mile delivery.’
Steve Hornyak
BrightDrop CCO