Bringing the brand to life

The entire brand system was inspired by the new logo, which is a distinct departure from the previous one. Composed of three sparks of light, the symbol, an abstract ‘E’, represents the flow of reading and scanning from left to right and pays tribute to the company’s three founders.

The brand comes to life through vibrant, tri-coloured motion-led graphic elements inspired by the continuous scanning and analysing carried out by the platform’s AI.

A new website designed to capture imaginations

Living primarily online and across digital, the brand needed to capture imaginations and engage audiences through its website and social media. Our digital team delivered a full website redesign—from concept to development—and created ready-to-use website templates and components to ensure future flexibility and scalability.

The overall brand expression personifies Evisort’s quest to seek out new ideas for revolutionising legal operations while connecting contract data across organisations.

‘Evisort's rebrand has allowed us to modernise Evisort's presence and create a unified, thoughtful experience for everyone who engages with us.’
Sibel Kurun
Director of Brand Strategy & Experiences