A diagram with three panels showing a very widescreen cinema with scenes from the Mono animation
A man sitting at the desk with two small models of the Mono characters

The award-winning digital series and graphic novel ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ written by Ben and Liam Sharp won best digital comic and went on to be read by over 1.2m readers. Moving Brands developed the identity, title sequence and many of the key animated sequences for the MONO Motion Book series.

Two polygonal models 3D rendered in a fiery orange color
A montage of mood imagery in wintery landscapes covered in snow and ice.

Following the success of the series, Barco and Paramount commissioned an Escape format MONO short film called MONO Blackwater that premiered at Cinequest. MONO Blackwater went on to win best animated short. Moving Brands led the development of the huge animated production at three times cinema scale and with 7.2 Dolby Atmos sound.

A quotation in white text on a black background reading,
A selection of covers for the Mono comic book. Underneath there is a quote from writer Dave Gibbons:

MONO was later developed by Madefire and Technicolor into a Unity VR game which premiered at Sundance and demoed at SXSW in the immersive cinema exhibition. Moving Brands designed and developed the MONO 3D character look-and-feel and materials, the spatial game UI and UX as well as detailed environments.

A view of a Mono animated film being placed in a super widescreen cinema screen.