A transformative brand story

Rooting our work in a new brand story, ‘wardrobe for a life less ordinary’, we redrew their wordmark and bespoke crest, devised new interior design concepts and designed clothing labels and passport books that charted the progress of each suit’s creation. Underpinned by the notion of ‘tasteful modernity’, we both curated and restored the more traditional brand elements, such as type and crests, whilst giving them a clearer hierarchy and cleaner space in which to exist in a more contemporary way.

History mark
New system
Printed book

Reinterpreting heritage for a new audience

Of course, we jumped at the chance to figure out just how you bring nearly 200 years of immaculately maintained heritage into a new and captivating relevance that speaks to a current generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers without defying the expectations of what was, not to put too fine a point on it, an ageing and aristocratic client base.

Hand painted sign

Breaking into new markets

With a refreshed identity, the new brand convinced a younger audience that Norton & Sons was a great fit while honouring their well-earned traditional feel that resonated so well with their loyal existing clientele.

Communications made collectable

Twelve years on, the reinvigorated fashion brand was back in touch with a special request. We were asked to art direct, design and produce the company mailer, bringing the cut, fabric and finish of a featured garment alive in watercolour. Our co-founder and chairman, Ben Wolstenholme, took on the role of illustrator for the project, which resulted in a set of collectable postcards released over the course of a year, promoting each season’s made-to-measure outfits. The illustrative approach elevates and distinguishes Norton & Sons from its competitors while celebrating its unmistakably British heritage.