Design with purpose

Working directly with the international fashion designer – alongside her store planning and architect teams – we were enlisted to create a façade for her first directly owned store in Asia.

The design needed to draw on the textural, geometric and handmade characteristics of the Stella McCartney brand, to which we were to bring an undeniable sense of ‘grandeur and intent’.

Rooted in sustainability

McCartney’s commitment to sustainability and the environmental credentials of the store’s location – Beijing’s Parkview Green (China’s greenest mall) were at the heart of our solution. We needed to make an impact on tech-savvy customers without resorting to the cliché of energy-greedy video screens.

Creating interactive experiences

The tiles form a dynamic mosaic that can be programmed either through a staff-controlled in-store interface or a podium controlled by passers-by. These patterns include wave, ripple, spiral, and maze, and they can be set at various speeds, such as calm, energetic, and random.

‘Fashion and the environment don’t have to be enemies.’
Stella McCartney