A worldwide powerhouse

Summit is a global community with a difference. In the past decade, the collective has grown from 19 members to a global powerhouse of entrepreneurs, innovators and artists. They believe that businesses and open collaboration can bring about change and aim to facilitate the meetings and conversations to make that change happen.

Summit Series is an annual invitational event to cultivate new business ideas and connections through immersive experiences in stunning locations.

Event crowd

Designing for the local environment

We created a system of physical structures and graphic elements to create a continuously unfurling series of signage, wayfinding, and event structures which visitors could discover as they moved around the experience. We designed structures made from locally sourced standard-sized off-the-shelf materials to reduce shipping costs and waste, making fabrication as efficient as possible.

Signages work in progress

Shaping the end-to-end experience

Our designs, complete with invitations, welcome packs, maps, and other event materials, shaped an engaging end-to-end experience. The client was able to swiftly produce bespoke solutions and create an event that expresses the Summit community’s impact while not harming the local environment.

Grid of images
Print materials